Saturday, November 25, 2017

Steampunk owl

Welcome back, It has been awhile and  this month has just gotten away from me. We have been so busy all the time that I have barely been able to do anything crafty. 

Every year I submit something to an United Way fundraiser Artfest in Toronto through my union. The first year it wasn't accepted and I almost didn't submit last year. At the last minute I did and the piece was accepted and then sold at the auction. This year I had an idea in my head for awhile so I went on a bigger canvas than I have ever done.  It was accepted, unfortunately it did not sell at the auction. 

Anyways, my thought was a steampunk owl and I went ahead and had fun with it. I painted the background, added some texture paste, painted some more, added some gears, the owl and more texture. I really like how it turned out.. 

Before making Steampunk Owl I did another smaller piece. I started out making a prototype and then stopped. So I did a different mixed media canvas as well.  
This is a photo I quickly snapped with my phone so it isn't very good. 

Anyways, both of these will be available at the Country Christmas store in Fonthill. Live life is already there and Steampunk Owl will be there next weekend I hope.

I also have 5 custom cards to make for the a regular at the store so I will post those next weekend. 

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Thank you

A friend wanted some Thank You tags for the administrative assistants in the office. 
These are the four that I came up with. 
All of them loved their tags, and the chocolates that came with them. :)