Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Disney Autograph Books

Back in October I was called by a friend, she had recommended me to do a autograph book for a client of hers. I only took a few pictures of the book, my favorite ones. LOL 
This one was a little different, I did tabs for different sections...ie classic characters, movie stars, princess/princes. 
It was requested to have the castle on the front and not Tinkerbell. I got several emails from the client after she rec'd it to tell me how much she and her niece Amanda loved it. 

Ariel's page. I had drew the seawood, but it is almost the same as a Dyan Reavely stamp (that I would love to have). Then coloured it in with SU markers. 

This one is similar to one I did for my daughter. The only page decorated is the cover. Jayden is going on his very first cruise and Disney trip. It isn't exactly what I wanted but I still like it. When they get back I am going to add the photos of Jayden with each character and add it to his book. He is autistic and I am hoping he will love looking at the photos and autographs a lot. 

That is about it lately. Sorry I have been neglecting this blog but if you ever want to see the cards or scrapbook pages that do you can visit my other blog at www.maybecreative.blogspot.com

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